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Covid 19 Barbados update

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Hi guys, Hope you are all hanging in there, staying home and practice social distancing. Covid19 has had the most devastating effect on our business and on our beloved island Barbados. Tourism is Barbados’s main income earner for most. It is deep rooted and reaches far into our society. So its been tough on everyone, not knowing when or if tourism will be back. We have been overwhelmed by all the emails and messages we have received from our guests, sending support, thinking of us and reassuring us, that you will return. One thing for sure, I know we will be more than ready when that happens. In Barbados, we remain under partial lockdown until May 3, awaiting further announcements from our government. Watching the different scenarios by different government and countries as to how they tackle and managing the spread of Covid19, is like being on a roller coaster! On that note, we want to say THANK YOU to our Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley and her government, that have done such a tremendous job, have kept our country steadfast, have kept us together, has brought us together, has brought out the best of us, has brought back our compassion for the ones that are less fortunate and most of all Mia, you have been our guiding light and have kept us informed at all times with bad and good news. WE ARE SO IMMENSLY PROUD that we have Mia guiding us through these crazy times. Barbados and Calabaza we cant wait to see you all again. #barbados #sailcalabaza #calabazasailing #barbadostourism

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